​​Kensho Farms

                  October 2021

Hemp Flowers

 $10/5g or $40/ounce :

Kensho Cherry   Total CBD - 17.2%      Total d9 THC 0.09%

Queen Dream     Total CBD - 12.5%        Total d9 THC 0.12%

 Certificates of Analysis available. 

Bulk discounts and fee samples available. All produce is certified-organic by CCOF.  That means they are free from chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and other harmful chemicals. We use sustainable agricultural practices to grow our produce and protect the environment.

Contact us by phone/text at 301 502-2604 or by email to  johnkrowka@gmail.com.

Our goal is to provide delicious, healthy, and beautiful produce for you. Check out our recipe pages for a wide variety of ways to prepare the delicious produce from Kensho Farms. Frequent updates are provided on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  Satisfaction guaranteed.