​​Kensho Farms

Welcome to Kensho Farms


Kensho is a Japanese word that means "momentary enlightenment." The name of our farm, written in Kanji script is our logo (TM), shown in the picture below. Tasting and eating our delicious organic produce may induce a state of ephemeral bliss where the chatter of everyday life fades away and the flavor and sensation envelop our consciousness. At Kensho Farms we strive to produce only the finest quality organic produce by careful attention to sustainable growing practices in the fertile soil, abundant sunshine and gentle breezes on the hillsides of South Mountain in Boonsboro, Maryland.  All of our produce is CCOF-certified organic,  grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers, herbicides, GMOs, synthetic chemicals, and free from irradiation and chemical sterilization.

We are growing hemp, winter squash, and have planted over 100 chestnut trees that will remove carbon dioxide from the air and make a contribution to reducing global warming.  

Call (301 502-2604) or e-mail us (johnkrowka@gmail.com) to arrange a pickup, visit the farm, or if you have questions or comments. We are located in Boonsboro, MD and sell wholesale or by pick-up at the farm. Reviews are available and welcome on Facebook or at www.localharvest.org .  Please tell your friends about us, like us on Facebook, and share with your friends. We appreciate your support.